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The Backup D.A.W.G. is the ultimate tool for ensuring the safety of your truck's backup process. 

Using a remote control and a spotter, you can easily maneuver your vehicle without worrying about any accidents. The backup safety feature is designed to prevent any collisions, and the device is incredibly easy to use. The cab mounted traffic light indicator ensures that the driver is aware of where to move. Get the peace of mind you need with the Backup D.A.W.G. today.



The complete Backup D.A.W.G. kit includes:

-Waterproof container for safe transport and storage

-Backup D.A.W.G. Wireless Transmitter

-Backup D.A.W.G. Wireless Receiver with power plug for automotive accessory

-Power Supply for 120VAC operation

-Batteries and charger


Find the Backup D.A.W.G. instruction manual HERE!


Backup D.A.W.G. Spotter Safety System

$1,495.00 Regular Price
$1,275.00Sale Price
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