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The Raptor Repeater takes the already impressive range of any Falcon system and effectively doubles it, implementing the same tried and true technology that our Falcon systems are built on. Simply set the Raptor Repeater up, power it on and let it reach the extra distance for you.


Heavy concrete, rebar or any other obstacle that would cause difficulties with a normal system aren't an issue when you have the Raptor Repeater in play. Strategically place the repeater around the obstacle and it'll relay any signal sent by your transmitter back again to your receiver.


The Falcon Raptor Repeater is the simple solution to any range or obstacle issue. It is as simple making sure it's charged, then pressing power and setting it where you need it to be.


All Raptor Repeaters include an optional magnetic backing to mount it onto any magnetic surface.

Raptor Repeater (Falcon Series)

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