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The new XLP line of RFHero Transmitters has the same RFHero reliability as all of our systems, now with even more power in a new, slim package. Applying membrane switch technology, the overall profile of the transmitter face is reduced, allowing it to easily be tucked into a pocket, small container, pouch, wherever necessary. Minimize snagging, button breaks and accidental activations!


Package comes with:

-YJPro XLP Trasnmitter

-Your choice of Rubber-Tuff Boot or Nylon Pouch

-Nylon Web-Belt

-Pairing instructions


NOTE: This is NOT a complete system; the YJPro XLP Transmitter requires a YellowJacket Receiver to operate your machine. For details on how to pair this Transmitter to your Receiver, click here or call us at: 724-610-5256.

YJPro XLP Transmitter

$249.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
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