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RFHero Products

Please click on an image below to see items from our current product lines.

No more fumbling with a conventional wired controller any longer. Our Machine/Insulation Controls put the power in your hands to activate your machine without any fuss, whether in a residential or commercial jobsite.

Safety and security from a distance- MX Series Safety Systems allow you to remotely engage your E-Stop from 1000ft, up to 2500ft! 

Works in tandem with your existing or planned E-Stops!

RFHero Heavy Industrial Controls allow you to control a multitude of systems from one simple package. The modular capabilities of the Blackhawk and Comanche systems allow you to operate up to 16 functions with our standard systems, and even more for application specific work.

RFHero Traffic Control Systems give you power over work site light setups, bridges, gates and checkpoints from a distance. Easy to use, secure and intelligent, our systems can be set to several modes or adjusted by the end user to suit their needs.

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