Our field-proven energy management thermostat is the ideal fit for hotels, schools, and other facilities with random occupancy patterns.

The VX thermostat can be installed quickly and easily by your on-site facilities team and comes with free lifetime technical support.

VX Energy Management Thermostat

Manage your thermostats
from anywhere and at anytime.

The remote management website allows monitoring and configuring of Verdant energy management thermostats from any computer, tablet or smart-phone connected to the internet.

Hotel Monitoring

“Rooms Status” identifies rooms with heating and
air-conditioning issues.
“Room Occupancy” makes it easy to schedule hotel staff visits
to rooms without having to disturb guests.
“Room Efficiency” calculates energy efficiency of each room.

Remote Configuration

Energy Profiles allow changing thermostat settings in order to
fine tune energy saving and comfort control options.
Equipment Profiles configure thermostats to operate different kinds
of heating and air-conditioning equipment.

Room Monitoring

“Room Detail” view displays temperature and occupancy
changes in each room.
Settings menu allow quickly and easily changing
thermostat settings.

Advanced Reporting

Runtime reports monitor heating and air-conditioning runtimes
in all rooms.
Patented “Energy Saving Report” measures energy savings
resulting from use of Verdant energy management features.

Automatic Email Alerts

Built-in diagnostic tools automatically send email
notifications when operational issues are detected.
Fully configurable alert settings allow customizing when
to send email alert.

User Management

User Management makes it easy to configure different access
permissions and alert notification for each user.
Access Permissions allow giving users access to remote management
website without having to worry about unauthorized changes.
Alert Preferences allow choosing recipients of email alerts to ensure
timely response to operational issues.

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