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Thermostats & Energy Management

ZX Thermostat.jpeg

ZX Series Thermostat

Our flagship thermostat, Verdant ZX packages the power of our patented energy management technology in an intuitive, trendy design that is sure to delight guests while generating significant cost savings for you.

Built with simplicity and modernity in mind, Verdant ZX includes the latest technologies including built-in Zigbee compatibility, 10-minute self-install, and full online access, 24/7.

Verdant VX White Tile.jpeg

VX Series Thermostat

Our field-proven Verdant VX thermostat is robust, reliable, and offers unparalleled value for property owners. Trusted by thousands of hotels throughout North America, Verdant VX comes with all the great features that made Verdant a preeminent leader in guestroom energy management technology.

Verdant El.jpeg

Verdant El

Verdant EI is our energy management service, designed to ensure that your Verdant energy management system is continuously finetuned in order to maximize energy savings without impacting guest comfort, all without any involvement from your staff.

Verdant EI includes smartphone and web apps where you can view savings in real-time, view room status and control room settings, and access real-time occupancy information to facilitate housekeeping and maintenance tasks.

Best of all, Verdant EI comes with a lifetime warranty on all hardware, and continual access to software updates, so you’ll be able to take advantage of the many great software features we’ve got planned for the future.

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